Master Virgil Greer III

Master Virgil Greer III is a 5th Degree Black Belt and a Master Instructor certified by the World Taekwondo Federation in Korea. Master Greer has been training since the age of 10 yrs. old and is the Owner of U.S. Elite Martial Arts & Fitness Center in Arlington Heights Illinois. U.S Elite Martial Arts has been helping families in the Northwest suburban community since 2003.

Our goal at U.S. Elite Martial Arts & Fitness Center is to empower your students’ lives through martial arts. Whether we are building confidence through self defense, increasing a student’s concentration and focus, instilling discipline and respect to a troubled youth, or helping someone to live longer through physical fitness, we can have a tremendous positive impact on our students lives.

Master Greer is the author of “The Bully Blueprint” a no nonsense guide to understanding and dealing with bullying. also very active in the community and is a often giving free self defense and anti-bully seminars for the public.Master Greer also has been very active is raising funds for various community projects to help those in need. Master Greer is also an excellent coach his competitive Taekwondo team has produced many state and national champions.

Note: Greer is also available for interviews and speaking engagements to discuss self-confidence and bully-proofing methods. The Anti Bully strategies are based on professional protocol that has been street-tested and used by law enforcement and public safety professionals for over 28 years

Virgil Greer can be reached at

You can purchase and download a copy of The Bully Blueprint here